The second phase of SAGA 2024, a certification program for trainers, facilitators, and Master Trainers organized by the National Institute for Training and Educational Research (NaITER), took place at the Government Youth Hostel in Kakkanad. This two-day training program was specifically designed to delve deeper into thinking skills and coping skills, key components of the life skills recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The training program featured a series of innovative and engaging sessions that stood out for their effectiveness and impact. Among these were the “Whirlpool Cafe,” “Candle Light Cafe,” and “Trainers Market,” each offering unique approaches to skill development and training.

The “Whirlpool Cafe” provided a dynamic environment for participants to engage in deep discussions and collaborative learning, fostering a better understanding of thinking skills. The “Candle Light Cafe” created an intimate setting for reflective and contemplative conversations, enhancing participants’ coping skills and emotional intelligence. Meanwhile, the “Trainers Market” offered a vibrant and interactive platform for exchanging ideas, techniques, and best practices among trainers, encouraging peer learning and professional growth.

Throughout the program, participants had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and expertise in critical life skills, preparing them to be more effective trainers and facilitators. The hands-on activities and interactive sessions ensured that the learning experience was both engaging and practical, equipping attendees with tools and strategies they could immediately apply in their professional roles.

Revolve 2024, through its second phase of SAGA 2024, successfully provided a comprehensive and transformative training experience. The program not only met its objectives of improving thinking and coping skills but also fostered a supportive and collaborative learning community among trainers and facilitators. The positive feedback from participants highlighted the program’s effectiveness in enhancing their skills and confidence, marking another successful milestone for NaITER’s certification initiatives.

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