On May 22, 2024, the National Institute for Training and Educational Research (NaITER) provided academic and training support for a student camp titled ‘Self Craft.’ Organized by the Vedha College Pre-Primary Teachers Training Centre, the camp took place at CH Bhavan Auditorium, Ramanattukara, and offered an enlightening experience focused on the mental, physical, and social wellness of students.

The inaugural function was presided over by Mrs. Akhila, Principal of Vedha College. Mrs. Sona, Senior Teacher, delivered the welcome speech, setting the tone for the day. Mr. Mohammed Ashique, a certified trainer from NaITER, delivered the keynote address, providing an overview of the camp’s objectives and activities. The camp was officially inaugurated by the Honorable Manager of Vedha College, Mr. Satheesh. The function concluded with a vote of thanks from Mrs. Radhika, Senior Teacher.

The camp schedule was presented by Mohammed Ashique, setting the stage for a day filled with engaging sessions. The first session, “Self-Breaking Cafe and Getting to Know Each Other,” was facilitated by Mr. Anshad and Mrs. Shani Mahida, certified trainers from NaITER. This was followed by “Teaching is an Art,” conducted by the same trainers. The third session, “Classroom Management – Classroom Engagement Techniques,” was handled by Mr. Mohammed Ashique and Mr. Anshad. The day continued with “Reels Making – Celebrate Your Success, Confidence Building, and Overcoming Shyness and Fear,” facilitated by Mr. Mohammed Ashique, Mr. Anshad, and Mrs. Shani Mahida. The subsequent session, “Life Skill Carnival,” was again led by the trio of trainers. The final session, “Game Crafting,” was conducted by Mr. Anshad, Mrs. Shani Mahida, and Mr. Mohammed Ashique.

The camp concluded with a student-led evaluation session facilitated by Mr. Mohammed Ashique, Mrs. Shani Mahida, and Mrs. Akhila. The ‘Self Craft’ camp provided a comprehensive, interactive, and educational experience, emphasizing the importance of holistic development in students. NaITER’s contribution ensured that the camp was both informative and transformative for all participants.

The camp’s diverse sessions covered a broad range of topics, each designed to foster personal and professional growth among the attendees. “Self-Breaking Cafe and Getting to Know Each Other” aimed to break initial barriers and build a sense of community among participants, encouraging openness and collaboration. In “Teaching is an Art,” attendees explored creative and effective teaching strategies, highlighting the importance of innovative approaches in education.

The session on “Classroom Management – Classroom Engagement Techniques” provided practical tips and strategies for maintaining an engaging and productive classroom environment. The “Reels Making – Celebrate Your Success, Confidence Building, and Overcoming Shyness and Fear” session was particularly impactful, as it focused on personal development skills that are crucial for both teachers and students.

“Life Skill Carnival” was an interactive and engaging session that emphasized the importance of essential life skills in everyday situations, preparing participants to handle various challenges with confidence and resilience. The final session, “Game Crafting,” allowed participants to creatively design educational games, demonstrating how gamification can be an effective tool in teaching and learning.

Throughout the camp, the trainers from NaITER, including Mr. Mohammed Ashique, Mr. Anshad, and Mrs. Shani Mahida, played a crucial role in delivering content that was both informative and engaging. Their expertise and interactive teaching methods were highly appreciated by the participants.

The camp’s success was evident in the enthusiastic participation and positive feedback from the attendees. The evaluation session at the end provided valuable insights into the participants’ experiences and highlighted the overall effectiveness of the camp. Students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to attend such a well-organized and impactful event, and many noted significant improvements in their confidence and skills.

Overall, the ‘Self Craft’ camp, supported by NaITER, was a resounding success. It provided a platform for students to enhance their knowledge, develop new skills, and build confidence. The collaborative effort between NaITER and Vedha College Pre-Primary Teachers Training Centre ensured that the camp was a memorable and transformative experience for all involved.

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