In the realm of professional growth, few elements are as transformative as effective networking. A chance meeting can pivot one’s career or personal growth in unexpected directions, proving that networking is far more than just exchanging business cards or connecting on LinkedIn. It’s about building relationships that inspire, support, and open doors to new opportunities. This principle was at the heart of the first phase of SAGA 2024, a certification program for trainers and master trainers by the National Institute of Training and Education Resources (NaITER). The program, aptly named “Unfold,” was launched in Kozhikode and set the stage for a series of enriching and empowering sessions.

“Unfold” was meticulously designed to foster a strong foundation for the participants, focusing on a range of crucial skills and competencies necessary for effective training. The session began with ice-breaking activities led by Mr. Biju Mavelikkara, aimed at building camaraderie and initial connections among participants. This initial interaction was pivotal in establishing a supportive and collaborative environment.

The program delved into essential competencies for trainers, addressing the scope and challenges within the training industry. Participants explored the concept and objectives of life skills, emphasizing their importance in both personal and professional contexts. Self-assessment tools and techniques were introduced to encourage continuous improvement, ensuring that trainers could reflect on their strengths and areas for growth.

A notable highlight was the introduction of the Rainbow Method, which encourages trainers to diversify their approaches to cater to different learning styles. This was complemented by discussions on leveraging multiple training talents, recognizing that effective trainers harness a variety of skills and methodologies. The distinction between ineffective chatter and impactful training was underscored, highlighting the importance of clarity and purpose in training sessions.

Self-awareness, deemed the “Mother Skill,” was explored as a foundational attribute for trainers. Building on this, the program emphasized empathy and interpersonal relationships, crucial for fostering strong connections and effective communication. Participants learned advanced communication techniques, vital for delivering clear and impactful messages.

A comprehensive blueprint for successful trainers was presented, providing a roadmap for achieving excellence in the training industry. This blueprint incorporated the ASK model—Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge—emphasizing a balanced approach to professional development. Social skills assessments were conducted to help trainers evaluate and enhance their interpersonal interactions.

Connecting with the audience was a recurring theme, introduced through the ABC Model—Audience, Building Connection, and Communicate Mindfully. Trainers were equipped with strategies to engage and communicate effectively with their audience. Innovative techniques to make training sessions engaging and enjoyable were also discussed, ensuring that participants could keep their training “cool” and relevant.

Mind maps were introduced as tools for organizing and sequencing training modules, facilitating more structured and coherent sessions. Storytelling emerged as a powerful training method, illustrating the impact of narrative in capturing attention and conveying messages. The strategic use of props was also covered, showing how tangible items can enhance training facilitation.

The program concluded with a focus on mastering the stage, encouraging trainers to deliver impactful and memorable presentations through “Wow Talks.” This segment encapsulated the essence of SAGA 2024—empowering trainers to stand out and make a lasting impression.

The inaugural phase of SAGA 2024, “Unfold,” exemplified the transformative power of networking and continuous learning. By bringing together trainers and master trainers, NaITER has created a community dedicated to excellence in training and facilitation. As SAGA 2024 progresses, it promises to further equip trainers with the tools and insights necessary to thrive in the dynamic training industry, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and professional growth.

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