NaITER, renowned for its innovative contributions to academia and society, marked its 5th Anniversary with a grand celebration titled “SOIREE Day of Hearts of Hearts”. The event, held on March 24, 2024, was a testament to NaITER‘s commitment to excellence and collaboration.

The occasion commenced with a warm welcome extended by Mr. Vishnu Prasad M V, the Academic Deputy Director of NaITER. Mr. Sujith Edwin Pereira, Director of NaITER, presided over the event, setting the tone for an evening filled with inspiration and camaraderie.

The inauguration was graced by T K Sujith, a distinguished cartoonist from Kerala Koumudi Daily, whose wit and creativity added a touch of humor to the proceedings. Perspective Addresses was delivered by Mr. Brhmanayakam Mahadevan, a national influencer, shedding light on contemporary issues and avenues for progress.

The event also featured felicitation ceremonies, with Mrs. Vineetha D Amal, a renowned actress and professional rider, and Dr. Jayanthi, Principal of SKM Public School Senior Secondary, honoring the occasion with their presence.

A highlight of the evening was the Life Achievement Experience Sharing session, led by Uma S, a UNICEF Youth Content Creator and recipient of the Ujwala Balya Award, who shared her inspiring journey and insights with the audience.

Furthermore, NaITER recognized exemplary individuals with prestigious awards. Mr. Thamimul Ansari was honored with the NaITER Lifetime Achievement Award ’23, while Mrs. Vineetha D Amal handed over the NaITER Sreshta Parisheelak Puraskar ’23 to Mr. Biju Mavelikkara, Mr. Vasanth Krishnan, Mr. Nisamudheen K and Mr. Vishnu Prasad M V for their outstanding contributions. The NaITER Icon of the Year Award 23 was awarded to Mr. Sujith Edwin Pereira, acknowledging his significant impact and leadership.

The event concluded with a heartfelt expression of gratitude by Mr. Nisamudheen K, underscoring the collective efforts and dedication that have propelled NaITER to new heights over the past five years.

“SOIREE Day of Hearts of Hearts” was not merely a celebration of NaITER’s accomplishments but also a reaffirmation of its vision to inspire, innovate, and make a positive difference in society.

The event captured the essence of NaITER’s journey thus far—a journey marked by passion, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As NaITER looks ahead to the future, it does so with renewed vigor and commitment to shaping a brighter tomorrow.

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