Name: Vishnu Prasad M V
Nick Name: Prasad Vattapparamb
Membership Number: NaITER015/2K20
Designation: Psychological Counsellor and People Facilitator

About Prasad Vattapparamb: An award winning individual with extensive expertise in training process that includes its various functionalities such as Career Building, Induction, Faculty Enhancement, Skill Development, Parenting, Equip Teacher, Capacity Building, Kid’s Camp and Wellness Workshops. He has thorough experience in psychological counselling and has conducted many successful workshops across Kerala.


M.Sc Chemistry
M.Sc Applied Psychology
B.Ed Physical Science
PG Diploma in Psychological Counselling


  • Psychological Counsellor and Socializer – NaITER
    National Institute for Training and Educational Research is a national, international, training organization for trainees and interns. The aim is to bring new ideas to the field of training, provide training to different levels of subjects in different groups and institutions, launch various training courses and work as a welfare team for trainers.
  • Happiness Trainer – Positive Commune
    Positive Commune is a Trainers Organization with slogan “വളരുക വളർത്തുക ആനന്ദിക്കുക”. Programs Include Scholarships, Skill Development Program, Students Forum, Ladies Wing, Media, PC Voice throughout Kerala.
  • Secretary and Trainer – Pratheeksha Charitable Society
    Pratheksha is a nonprofit charitable trust that works to enrich the lives of underprivileged children through education, mentorship and access to quality healthcare. Founded in 2012 by Srishti Innovative a leading technology company, the Trust was started with the noble intent of preserving the rights of each and every child to be educated, live healthy and happy lives
  • Psychological Counsellor and Trainer – VaCCT
    Vattapparamban’s Center for Counselling and Training is a training and counselling center aiming to Empower Youth, Kids and Women through continuous training and counselling process. Our major focus was on underprivileged communities within Kerala.

Expert Training Areas

  • Career Building: Conduct career guidance programmes at schools and colleges along with administration of suitable psychometric assessments like aptitude tests/vocational interest inventories.
  • Induction: Provide orientation programmes for freshers to induct them into institutional culture (joining a course/ joining a new job). This will focus on channelizing their desires and dreams to achieve their goals in accordance with the vision of the organization.
  • Faculty Enhancement: Enable teachers (school/college) to sharpen their abilities in the areas of teaching, research and administration.
  • Skill Development: Equipping young people to develop readiness in adapting to their new and responsible roles, both at home and work for targeted groups.
  • Parenting: Deliver personalized programs to support and strengthen parents at different phases. Customized programmes for parents of special children can also be organized.
  • Equip Teacher: Offer specialized professional development programmes to equip teacher trainees in B.Ed., TTC, PPTTC, Montessori and NTT to deliver value based practice.
  • Capacity Building: Deliver open and customized skill development programmes for employees across various organized and unorganized sectors to optimize people skills, team building, performance excellence, professional growth and organizational development.
  • Kid’s Camp: Organize Kid’s camp with games and activities allowing kids to become independent and self-confident, while socializing and making new friends, and even learning new skills.
  • Wellness Workshop: Conduct workshops for youth and elderly groups to promote their day to day functioning and general well-being. Special training programmes for youth in personality development.
  • Youth empowerment programs: Conduct workshops and camps for Youth aimed at creating healthier and higher qualities of life for underprivileged or at-risk youth. The five competencies of a healthy youth are: (1) positive sense of self, (2) self- control, (3) decision-making skills, (4) a moral system of belief, and (5) pro-social connectedness. Developmental interventions and programs have to be anchored on these competencies that define positive outcomes of healthy youth.
  • Safe In Space: Conduct Cyber security awareness program referring to how much end-users know about the cyber security threats their networks face, the risks they introduce and mitigating security best practices to guide their behavior.
  • Image Building: Conduct Personality Development program for youth leaders based emphasizing on uniqueness, self realization, self care, goal setting, image building, self discipline, change and transformation.


✔️ Family and couples counselling
✔️ Individual talk therapy
✔️ Group Therapy
✔️ Social Activities
✔️ Stress Reduction and Resilience

Awards and Recognition

  • Best Youth Volunteer Award 2019 by Yogakshemasabha.
  • Trainer Excellence Award 2019-20 Jointly Organized by National Institute for Training and Educational Research- NaITER and Rotary Club of Kazhakuttom.