NaITER’s last year was enriched with activities as it stepped into its third year. We firmly believe that 2021 is for the NaITER family to create a stir in social media as decided during the last Annual General Meeting 2021. Take our actions to more people, thereby advancing more and more towards the goal of the concept of ‘facilitating minds’. Social media has a big role to play in creating a major impact on society, especially among youth.

The organization’s accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are actively operating as part of active social engagement. In addition to that, an updated website is essential in today’s time.

The official website of NaITER was released at the Annual Conference by the Honourable Dr. Sharmad Khan (Senior Medical Officer, Govt. Ayurveda Hospital, Nemom). To know more about the NaITER family and our activities, visit :

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