The lifestyle of human beings, who have been confined to their homes for the last two years due to the covid pandemic, has brought about a major change in the lifestyle of people across the world. In the next 10 years, we are going to experience the change that we have made in during this pandemic period. We are moving towards an unpredictable world. A time when there was uncertainty even about what would happen the next day. To be able to predict in such an unpredictable period is a great success. Addressing the members of NaITER’s in the annual conference, Sri Brahmanayakam Mahadevan, International Master Trainer, opined that in the times to come, we are going to face a crucial situation. An organization like NaITER, which is capable of bringing about a lot of change in society should discuss and deal with this issue.

If we need to train the younger generation to predict correctly and equip them accordingly, we must be able to predict in such a subtle way. Beyond that, we must set up new methods and techniques for the process of equipping the youth to succeed in this unpredictable world. He also wished that the members of NaITER would be able to lead from the front with such change in the world.

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