NaITER – Forms the National Youth Platform with the support of the National Institute for Training and Educational Research Nehru Yuva Kendra and the Emergency Task Force. The National Youth Forum provides opportunities for local youth to develop their skills, to be constantly involved in their community and to work in various voluntary organizations nationally and internationally. Replacing the youth with the voice of their own society and the keys to change, inspiring and encouraging the youth to understand themselves, respecting and respecting each other’s differences, and empowering the youth for the holistic transformation of each community beyond political, caste, regional and gender differences. In the first phase, cluster committees will be formed in all the 23 wards of Kathinamkulam Grama Panchayat.

Today, a meeting of volunteers from Ward 21 elected the Chief Mentor and Mentors. Cluster meetings will be held in all wards in the coming days and the National Youth Platform will be formally inaugurated on August 15. Requests the sincere cooperation, encouragement and support of all. Contact those who are interested in staying concurrently

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