“UNMASKING 21” has been jointly organized by National Institute for Training and Educational Research, Thanal & break free from plastic on 29, 30 june and 1st july 2021 at Government youth hostel, Veli, Trivandrum. The programme has mainly focused on to make changes in listeners perspective about plastic wastes & the dangers of it.

It is indeed our privilage & joy to announce that, we have successfully accomplished our mission throu this joyful programme. Quality trainers, Valuable informations , joyful activities & delicious food are our key elements to success. Listeners optimism have been continued for all three days & that makes the programme more memmorable.”Unmasking 21″ mainly concentrated on the topics named Plastics in Oceans, Waste to Zero waste, Environmental leadership, History of plastics, Volunteer’s behavior & attitude, Importance of volunteerism , Plastic waste management, Plastic waste auditing, Volunteers leadership & communication.

The sessions are taken by Mr. Jayakumar C. ( executive director of Thanal), Mr. Sujith Edwin Pereira ( Director of NaITER), Mr. Raju S ( Assistant director Zero waste & Climate action, Thanal), Mr. Biju Mavelikkara (Master Trainer of NaITER), Mr. Nisamudheen K ( Career coach , NaITER), Mr. Vishnu Prasad M V (Psychological Counsellor and Socializer, NaITER), Mr. Vasanth Krishnan ( Master Trainer, NaITER), Mr. Shibu K N( GAIA INDIA Coordinator), Mr. Sujith Surendran ( Program officer, Thanal) & Akhil M A ( Zero waste & Climate action, Thanal).

And we appreciate our trainers for successfully accomplishing their sessions in a memorable way, and we also want to thank and congratulate the listeners for their commitment towards this programme.

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