It takes time to plan a good training workshop. However, both Trainers and the participants will benefit from this preparation. As we plan, we visualize each step of the session. This helps us ensure that we have thought about everything that we need to say and that we present engagingly and interestingly.

NaITER has conducted a two days content preparation program at Kovalam. The two-day program also provides an opportunity for trainers to refresh themselves. During these two days, we were able to prepare and update the contents of Design 22 through brainstorming, discussion, and debate. Such trips and discussions help to enhance the depth and breadth of the relationship between NaITER family members.

Mr. Sujith Edwin Periera, Mr. Biju Mavelikkara, Mr. Nizamudeen, Mr. Vasanth Krishna, Mr. Sujith Surendran, and Mr. Vishnu Prasad M V joined the program.

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