In our continuous journey as trainers, it’s imperative that we stay ahead of the curve by honing our skills and staying in tune with the ever-evolving trends. To this end, NaITER recently hosted a transformative two-day event, “SET THE TONE 360°,” exclusively tailored for the dedicated admin team members at the picturesque Veli Youth Hostel. This enlightening program delved deep into several pivotal topics that are reshaping the training landscape, fostering not just professional growth but also strengthening the bonds within our NaITER family.

1. Unconscious Bias:

In our quest to become more effective trainers, we explored the intricate web of unconscious biases that can subtly influence our training approach. Recognizing and mitigating these biases not only enhances our training effectiveness but also fosters inclusivity and diversity.

2. New World… New People… New Training Trends… New Changes in Training Dominion:

Embracing the dynamism of the modern world and its people, we delved into the latest training trends and how they are transforming the training landscape. We learned to adapt, evolve, and thrive in this ever-changing environment.

3. Possibilities and Importance of AI in Training in the Present Scenario:

The future is here, and artificial intelligence is revolutionizing training. We explored the boundless possibilities AI offers, enabling us to create more personalized and effective training experiences.

4. New Training Activities:

The workshop introduced us to innovative training activities that engage and inspire learners. These new approaches infuse freshness into our sessions, making learning more enjoyable and impactful.

5. Content Vs. Context:

We delved into the delicate balance between content and context, understanding how the way we deliver information can significantly impact its absorption and retention by our learners.

6. Show vs. Tell Approach:

By adopting a ‘show vs. tell’ approach, we learned to create immersive learning experiences that allow learners to discover knowledge actively, making our sessions more engaging and memorable.

7. Building Credibility as a Trainer/People Facilitator:

Credibility is the cornerstone of effective training. We explored strategies to establish and enhance our credibility as trainers and facilitators, forging trust-based relationships with our learners.

8. Balancing Training Activities:

Achieving balance in training activities is key to keeping learners engaged and motivated. We discovered techniques to strike this equilibrium effectively.

9. Work-Life Balancing:

In our fast-paced world, maintaining work-life balance is crucial not just for us as trainers but for our learners as well. We explored strategies to harmonize these aspects, ensuring a well-rounded approach to life and training.

The “SET THE TONE 360°” program was not just about acquiring knowledge; it was a bonding experience that brought NaITER trainers closer together. The camaraderie, laughter, and shared moments during the camp were invaluable. These cherished memories will undoubtedly resonate in our future combined sessions, strengthening our relationships and elevating our training endeavors to new heights.

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